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Communicative approach

1-on-1 lessons
Our face-to-face communicative approach between student and teacher maintains motivation through relevant content and skill building. Face-to-face online classes also reduce the anxiety that some students may experience in a physical classroom and tend to encourage more reserved or shy students to speak more often than they would in a physical classroom.

Learning a language is a process that we have made effective by incorporating individually selected topics that grow a student’s skills. Our approach focuses on the needs of the learner, whether it is learning Spanish for traveling, German for business or French to impress a girlfriend. We will adjust our language courses to fit your needs! We know that rapid progress in a target language can be achieved by communication and by building a curriculum around topics relevant to daily use.

Anywhere in the world
Classes are held live in our virtual classrooms using Skype and are taught exclusively by qualified, native tongue speaking teachers.

Adapted courses

A wide range of courses tailored to individual needs
It doesn’t matter if you can’t speak the lingo. We are a language school that offers lessons in English, Spanish, German, French and many other languages. It does not matter what level you are on – we have teachers that can improve your language skills no matter if you are an absolute beginner (A1) or proficient user (C2). Learn English anytime and anywhere in the world.

General Language
We offer language courses across all skill levels. You can request an evaluation test to establish your skill levels - from basic to proficient user.

Corporate Specific
Do you want to learn a language for business? We have functional and industry specific programs that include corporate vocabulary and that provide training in specific skill sets such as presentations, meetings, negotiations and many others.

Specialized programs
These programs focus on particular needs such as pronunciation and accent training, exam preparation, writing, conversation, fluency and slang. We also have teachers who are great at working with children.

Selected teachers

In Brief
Our teachers are selected based on their experience, online teaching skills and qualifications.

What do you mean by that?
In order to offer the most effective learning experience, here are the criteria for our teacher selection process:

Native speakers of the target language.
TEFL CELTA certified foreign language teachers (or a comparable degree).
5+ years full time teaching in children/ adult education.
Business knowledge /experience in key business sectors.
Experience with virtual environments and tools.
Extensive training in education, technology, customer orientation.
On-going quality control, with student’ feedback and regular client satisfaction measurement.

Want to teach online?
Apply for online teaching jobs

Transparent process

How does it work?

Our teacher assesses your level and needs to create a personalized course plan for you.
Schedule and reschedule your lessons.
Enter the virtual classroom (e.g. Skype, Facetime) to follow your personal private lesson with your teacher.
You can receive feedback after each lesson. At the end of the course you can evaluate your progression with a final assessment.

And that’s it?
You can receive feedback after each lesson. At the end of the course you can evaluate your progress with a final assessment.