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Online Russian Language Courses

Language knowledge opens the door to the world – it’s an ancient truth, which today is impossible to deny. Globalization brings opportunities and the need for each individual to develop and adapt their abilities to meet the growing demands of a changing world; one of them is the ability to communicate in different languages.

The inhabitants of Europe have been known for centuries as speakers of many languages. Europe has always been a point of contact between different cultures, nations and nationalities, which was united by trade and transit, so the locals of most countries had to be able to communicate with people from all over the world.

Why should you learn Russian language?

Russian language courses are becoming more and more relevant nowadays. Russia is the biggest country of the world and one of the strongest ones!

Interestingly, Russian is the official language of space. If you are planning on becoming an astronaut, then learning this language is essential as the instructions for emergency situations are given in Russian. Of course, your astronaut training will start with learning the Cyrillic letters. Do not be afraid - we have a teacher for you no matter if you are beginner or an expert.

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How does WebTeachers Online Russian courses work?

It's quite simple! First, WebTeachers will understand the reason why you want to learn Russian language and what your level of language is. You will be qualisificied with one the 6 language levels. After that a suitable teacher for your needs and skill level is found on our database, which has more than 1000 teachers! Further on you are introduced to your teachers and your online russian language lessons can begin on Skype, Google Hangouts or some other platform!

The Online Russian language courses offered by WebTeachers are distinguished by how much they are tailored to the client's abilities and desires. That is the key to best results and ensures that customer learns exactly what he needs. WebTeachers offer individual lessons, 10 lesson packages and 30 lesson package that includes a full Russian course. If you think that you only need advice, then one individual lesson might be appropriate, but if you want to see results, it is advisable to use 10 or 30 lesson packages. WebTeachers take care of their customers by offering Russian-language courses at the most affordable prices. Write to us for a special discount!

By choosing the services provided by WebTeachers, your learning goals are our priority. WebTeachers will keep track of your progress so you can use the lessons as efficiently as possible. If you want to try Online Russian language courses we offer the first lesson for FREE!

If you want to apply for courses or have any question, please contact us by phone +371 29438878 or email